Hospitality Renovations Liquidation and Storage

In the world of hospitality each room equates to revenue.  AMS is involved with many of the most prestigious properties in NYC.  We have partnered with properties from the very beginning phase of model room set ups all the way thru to room, common area, restaurant and ballroom installs.  We partner with the hotel and construction team to create a cohesive approach with a unified goal.  Whether the project is a new construction, renovation (closed or occupied) our dedicated team understands the process and will meet your needs.  In the event a property is open during a renovation, it is important to have ACCURATE work closely with the hotel to ensure no disruption in the environment and service of the hotel.
AMS is your partner in receiving, storage and installing your new set as well as liquidating the old. We are a full service operation.  AMS manages the warehousing, receiving, delivery and installation anywhere in the United States. Each renovation is expected to provide a ROI to the property, it is imperative to have AMS as your partner.  AMS specializes in expedited ACCURATE schedules to minimize down time and ensure each room provides the property the projected ROI.  When a room is the revenue, it is important to be ACCURATE.