AMS has a new state of the art warehouse in Rockland County. The warehouse is a new construction where all energy efficiencies and green technology has been utilized.   State of the art  security systems, with 24 hour surveillance, and fire safety systems have been installed.  Utilizing the newest technology in the construction of our warehouse ensures our clients storage needs translates into cost savings to our clients for short and long term storage requirements.

The most important  element in your storage needs is ACCURATE- accurate reporting of your inventory.  AMS utilizes a computerized warehouse data system. Your inventory is managed promptly and accurately.  AMS treats each storage account as our client’s bank vault. When product comes in, it  is inspected, photographed, logged, protected and stored.  When our client needs to access their storage, it is pulled, inspected, and delivered.  All credits (incoming) and debits (outgoing) of your account are managed with precision in our inventory data base system.  We run a 100% ACCURATE storage business because your product, furniture, your valuables are your companies assets.

AMS employees a progressive archival facility complete with a bar code inventory system with the ability to customized reports for inventory management which is a low cost alternative for the storage of your business records.  Utilizing our record storage service allows you to utlize your office space for revenue producing needs while maintaining all legal and tax records for your business at AMS’s facility in Rockland Country.